"This year, I'm doing something I never imagined I would ever do - I'm voting for a Democrat."

"Republican politics is something I love, it's in my blood, and it's what I built a career out of... when Donald Trump won the nomination of the presidency, I was shocked."

"If this is what being a Christian is, how can you support this? ...I am no longer going to vote for him, for sure."

"The Republican party that supports Trump is just not my Republican party."

"I should have been a natural Trump voter in 2016. There were two things that held me back: character and authenticity."

"The party of Eisenhower, Reagan, and Lincoln has vanished from this Earth."

"And now they're saying let's Make America Great Again, when it's not great. Things are not great at all."

They are "the party of Trump," and "no longer the party of good moral values."

"I have had my patriotic heart broken... because I didn't think this was possible in this country."

"I don't know what I am anymore. I'm conservative in my values, but I am not what the Republican party is nowadays"

"Now is the time for all of us to put principles first and say we are going to restore the rule of law in this country."

"I became a never Trumper in 1989, when Donald Trump took out four full page ads in New York city newspapers asking for the death penalty."

"We don't even have a clue as to the things that he's done and the things that he would like to do. But I have a feeling that all come out as soon as we vote him out."

"And I'm sure hoping that Ohio can represent and we can show that we're country above party and that we know what's more important than just Donald Trump and the Republicans."

"I also grew up with a malignant narcissist. Now we're seeing what a man like that, a man who doesn't care about other human beings...can wreak on the country and the world."

"Mr. Trump has abandoned our veterans with his unconscionable failure to recognize the dangers of this pandemic, with the insulting of heroes like John McCain, with the insulting of Gold Star families. He is no friend of veterans and I will not vote for him. I hope that no veteran will."

"Now I refuse to succumb to the scourge of populism. Its vile hate for our fellow citizens, its hijacking of Christian values is just not what I was raised on, and I won't tolerate it locally and I sure as hell am not going to tolerate it from a president."

“Believing in the ideals of the Declaration of Independence is what makes you an American, not kowtowing to a narcissistic celebrity with a despotic soul.”

"I was a huge Trump supporter and I can now say that was the biggest mistake of my life"

"He has not lived up to the central needs of the office, providing leadership, vision, integrity, inclusivity... He stepped aside from those...requirements of the office and what we want to see as Republicans."

"President Biden can help us heal the wounds that Donald Trump has poured salt in, again and again, during his time as president."

"I have been a registered Republican and voted conservative all my life. But the man that holds the office, the man that has totally disgraced the office of president of the United States"

"I believe that if he's elected again for a second term, it may do irreparable damage to the Republican party. Now is the time to stand up against Donald Trump."

"If he knows anything out of the Bible, I'd give you a million dollars because I don't think he knows anything that's in that book."

"He's leading us down a path that is going to continue to erode our democracy."

"... my fear is that if Donald Trump continues as president, many of those freedoms will no longer be with us."

"Our elected officials are absent and the only time that they are actually involved is to threaten with more violence or to call out the military."

"I voted for him, hoping he would grow into the office. But after watching him for 3+ years, Donald Trump has clearly failed us as a leader."